The home of a nomad

A nomad..her dream…her home…The nomad got to go where life takes her. This nomad, me, is not alone. I have a dream to hold my hand. We are lovers, companions, friends and guides to each other. In my first post, let me share the story of my dream with you.

I think it must have been writing essays on ‘Diwali’ in Hindi class and ‘My dog’ in English class in second standard that I first must have began pouring my heart on paper. I began to goof up with my exams as I always wrote different essays than the ones that we rehearsed in class. Slowly, pen and paper became constant companions for further goof-ups. I messed up my social studies exam by writing how the religions of the world were spoiling the future generations by blaring loudspeakers during exams. I further messed up my biology exams by choosing to describe human brain as a maze and a treasure hunt. I thought there was a lot to be found except the nerve centers, neurons and off course the famous grey matter. And whosoever confined it to cells and nerves just did not have fun in life.

Was looking at things my way and creating fantasies, creating stories, a curse or a boon? I don’t know. But if I would have known what a dream is, then, I would have surely said, ‘Eureka’. If I would have known that a dream is not a dream but a best friend, philosopher, and guide I would have said ‘Hurray’. But alas, science, maths, and other presumably important subjects such as meaning of life took over. I got busy with experiencing Sciences in Higher school, economics in my graduation and business management in my post-graduation. What followed all this was a boring career in Human Resource Management. Well I guess, when things that are truly unimportant take over your life, they make you aloof and put you in a forced shell. And once you discover a dream, you automatically want to share it. You have another dream of sharing your dream that accompanies your dream. Gosh! I have written so much about my dream without actually saying what it is. But I am sure you must have guessed it by now.

One, just one simple confession that all I wanted to do in life was read and write and share it with my friends changed everything. Within 15 days of that, magic happened. I was hired by an elearning company and began writing storyboards and visualizing for 3-D courses. I was doing what my dream was – sharing stories. The story of a product as it should be told. Then story in a concept. The story’s purpose was maybe learning for the audience. But then I got to know what an audience is. I got to know that learner just might be a friend of mine and he or she probably would not like to get bored. And that he or she has a job to accomplish out of the story I tell. But then I wanted to tell other stories too. The stories that my friends (read rest of the world) laugh and cry with. The stories that paint a landscape. The stories that touch the invisible side of sky. The stories that hear the words of the silence. The stories that can be told and re-told.

There are a thousand stories living in me…
There are a thousand stories living around me…

The story of a destiny relaxing on the beach
The story of a power living for the road
The story of a freedom bound to its faith
The story of a love searching for its own truth

The story of the child who threw his toys in the river
The story of the man who wrote words on the mirror
The story of the boy who sold masks on the red light
The story of the girl who sold songs to earn a living

The story of a sky that lives too far to touch
The story of an earth that lives deep inside the ground
The story of a life hung in between
The story of a light never to go dim

There are a thousand stories living in me…
There are a thousand stories living around me…

Who will write the stories I love?
Who will write the stories I live?
Who will see what happens to me?
Who will die with me in the end?

The dream and me keep discovering and re-discovering each other. I will be sharing more as I discover and learn.


One thought on “The home of a nomad

  1. This can be said to create a spherical picture around your dream, without actually telling what your dream is.

    Feels like orbiting around a planet, nearing it, but not landing, just reach the crust and then fly back.

    Good writing.

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