I Love You????

What do these three used, overused, misused, underused words mean? I don’t know and I don’t think I care anymore. I anyways am not sure I can ever put into words what this phrase means. I am not sure anyone can ever pinpoint where this phrase might lead (mislead?). Despite individual meanings and pursuits, ‘I love you’ remains a mystery, an enigma and an amazing delusion for many. My individual pursuit to find the meaning of this phrase was and is going beyond all the barriers that stopped me from truly being with someone, listening to him and hearing what he never said.

And here is what I discovered. If I am expected to do anything in return for being told ‘I love you’, then I don’t want to hear it. Please get lost with your overdrive of emotions that demand the same overdrive from me. Because some people not only want this overdrive from the other side. They also want to direct it to the outcomes that are convenient to them.

Hey, its not that I don’t want anything when I say ‘I love you’ to someone. I want them to feel free for sure. And I want to be free enough not to love back out of an obligatory sense of listening to a spineless ‘I love you’.

And yes, I do not mean to bind anyone by this phrase anymore. If it doesn’t lead us to be free, then its not worth it.

I do not wish to be your sunrise.
I wish I could be the night in which you could lose your soul.
I do not wish to keep your soul with mine.
I wish you could find it forever lying next to my soul.
I do not wish to give you a home.
I wish you could find your home in each step to the end of this horizon.
I do not wish to be with you forever.
I wish you could find me in the shadow of each life that called you back from death.


One thought on “I Love You????

  1. Dear Blogger,

    Great poem!

    I found your blog while doing research on what makes relationships work and I am impressed with what you have to say. Your readers must be getting a lot from your contributions. Keep it up.

    My name is Steve Martin and my wife and I run The Positive Way website (www.positive-way.com) as part of our contribution to helping marriages and other loving relationships thrive and prosper. We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and The Positive Way celebrated its 12th anniversary. The Positive Way website has over 200,000 words of free relationship and communication content that we have written for our readers.

    I thought that you and your readers might be interested in helping us gather information on what really makes love work for the long term. We are running a contest – Love Assurance Contest to find out what other people think is important to assure that their loving relationships will last. The more entries the better as it is important to learn what really works.

    The Love Assurance Contest link is http://www.positive-way.com/Contest.htm . It is free to enter and the top five winners will receive one of five copies of the hot new love story Atonement – on DVD to be released March 18th plus a copy of our book Talk to Me: How to Create Positive Loving Communication. The contest is open to age18+ residents of US and Canada (except PR and Quebec) and runs through April 30, 2008.

    We’d appreciate a mention and link in your blog if you think it fits your mission. We’ll be happy to place a reciprocal link to your blog on the contest page if you would like. Just email me the URL to the page with contest mention on it and the home page URL of your blog that you want us to link to.

    Thanks very much for your help and thanks for the contributions you make with your blog. Also please feel free to enter the contest. You write well and have good things to say so we’d like to hear from you.

    Sincerely yours,

    Steve Martin
    The Positive Way

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