Welcome to a world where words of silence are not lost in a jungle of noise…

While coming to office, I heard the horns honking, drivers shouting.
In the office, I heard people cribbing, complaints churning.
My brow grew tight.
It was difficult to keep my back upright.
I opened my drawer to add papers to the mess.
And I saw something had filled that space.
I kissed the silence I had kept there a day before.
But when I tried to hold, it made a dash to the floor.
Don’t hold me, I will die.
You will choke me if you try.
Why can’t I hold you, aren’t you mine?
Won’t you be with me beyond space and time?
I am beautiful because my heart is free.
I will be with you forever only if you let me be.
Will you perish if you are with me?
Am I so bad that you can’t be in me?
I am in you, I am around you.
Our hearts write a song every morning with dew.
The dew also dies the moment I touch.
Is there nothing that I can keep as much?
You let your heart rejoice every time you touch the dew.
The dew dies but its touch turns you into someone new.
I just smiled and let it be.
The silence was around me, in me.


9 thoughts on “Welcome to a world where words of silence are not lost in a jungle of noise…

  1. @ everyone… thanks… I wrote this on the night of my 30th birthday and somehow life transformed after this poem from being desperate for my ambitions to being able to find peace whenever I wished…

    Just a few words, a moment of looking at the sky is enough to touch that silence…

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