Death and a beautiful woman

Walking in the streets,
Looking here and there,
Seeking her way to a nameless address,
I met a woman in green.

She felt warm when she asked me the way.
I could not answer, so lost was I in her snug eyes.
She asked me again, she had to reach there in time.
I said I would take you to wherever you want to go.
But you be with me, till the time you can be.

She laughed, she cried and matched her steps to mine.
The ways turned here and there, and so did our feet.
I held her hand and she kissed me.
A kiss that sucked away pain but a kiss that burnt me to ashes.
A kiss that I would never forget but a kiss I never could forgive.

I blew my ashes away, into her eyes, on her green dress.
Her eyes turned to water and her dress to a dark shade of gray.
I couldn’t help but push her away.
She smiled and disappeared in the dark street.
And I stood there, dead, yet alive like never before.


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