God’s design… Just watch out…

Yesterday, I was on a break after lunch and standing on the elevated footpath next to the office building boundary made of those metal wire mesh. There is a huge playground on the other side and I sometimes go there to watch football games. But at this hour no one was playing.

Something in the grass on the corners of the playground struck me quite oddly. A tiny yellow flower was battling the sometimes fierce, sometimes cool winds that blow in Bangalore. This flower was not beautiful. Its petals were a dirty dry yellow color, thin as spikes, barely touching each other. You could call it a flower only by the virtue of the way these petals were joined to the same single grain of pollen. But the whole visual was still beautiful. The four leaves, the full blown lips, a bright green, were right beneath the flower, forming a circle of their own. Each leaf was diagonally opposite to another, and the corners of each leaf touched the adjacent leaf. These four leaves half-encased the flower, gave it a home and probably saved it from the winds as well. The four leaves held the flower making it beautiful in the glory of their love. Off course, it was obvious that it was their love and nothing else. How else would you explain the yellow becoming beautiful in contrast to the shiny green? How else would you explain the disparate shapes of leaves and the flowers looking beautiful together? How else would you explain the position of flower and leaves, joined together to make it look like a golden mermaid enjoying the breeze on a sunny beach?

The four leaves and flower would probably not look so beautiful if even one of them wasn’t there to be with another. God’s designs, colors, and shapes mesmerize me. A busy office day like this turns into the one I am spending at the beach…


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