The Jumbled Words in a Jumbled World

Tulip asked, “How does it feel to have a mind that is all jumbled up? It runs after thoughts running in different directions. It collects all of them, comes back gasping for breath, and then leaves you wondering about everything all over again.”

I rolled my eyes at this question. And with it my brain rolled and laughed at her naive question. But I let out only a friendly smile. The rest of the laughter stayed inside my head and bounced up and down, back and forth, before getting stuck in the gooey, squishy, discolored liquid of my crazily jumbled brains.

I am not good at sorting out a jumbled brain. I used to be good at hiding it. But now I don’t think its worth the effort. My brains are going to stay jumbled. So, why even try sorting or hiding? I see you are still insisting. You want everything to be linear, right? So, here we go on our first try…

Why do eve teasers stay anonymous but united? How can terrorists make their fears rule over the fears of the rest of the world? Do you know money is a new breed of green flower to replace roses on Valentines? Love exists everywhere on internet, isn’t that the only world we know anyways? Sex…hahahahahahahahahhaha? Power cuts or does it cut me through? Money is still the marathon man’s fantasy, Cars – whose horn is hornier and honkier?, houses – big, small. tender, and hard, Are men really men or badly evolved chimpanzees? Get a high-speed internet connection if you want love, We are sure women are not women anymore but we are holding a global conference in Geneva to find out what they have become, fairies make for a good piece of furniture, knights are the turkeys covered in aluminum foil and burning in your oven right now, genetic engineering will make kids for us and do away with them when we don’t need them, global warming is hot and sexy, astronomy will make sure we are over by 2116, astrology will make sure we are over before we die, politicians… does that specie still rule earth… are you kidding?, world economy is taught in the final year of graduation in India and its over by the end of the year, writers type, newspapers don’t cause bowel movement rather constipate, parliament is the new tourist attraction, stock market stocks hearts and heart attacks, traffic jams are good to sandwich between your bread… by the way I want one with a Porsche in between, business meetings are what some people are paid for, dating needs a burning piece of carbon in your vital organs, conference calls don’t need you to call anyone anymore…run away, all night talking on phone for a virtual love has longer lasting impact on your life than making real love, fantasies in our heads are the only reality of a jumbled up world…

Do you still want me to sort out my jumbled up head? Does it matter? If it does, and if you can do it for yourself, then do it for me as well.


One thought on “The Jumbled Words in a Jumbled World

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