Sometimes I want to stand still…

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still…
-A Chinese proverb

But sometimes I want to stand still,
Let the world pass by.

I want to sit on the pavement,
See the traffic bulge in this race without a finishing line.
Scooters, cars, autos, buses, I want to watch it all grow not run alongside.
And then someday, someone will build a flyover over my head.
More traffic, more racers will emerge, on earth and in the sky.
Always moving, always running, always pulling and pushing the one ahead.

I want to talk to the beggar sitting on the pavement,
See how he watches the people go by every moment of his life.
Suits, leathers, jeans, skirts, I want to watch them all go by not be one of those.
The beggar pushes me away, its business hours for the beggar.
More traffic, more people, and another fight to win the race.
Nerves wrecked, you angry, me guilty, and a beggar’s business to hide it all.

I want to lie on the pavement,
Touch the purple flowers falling from a tree on the pavement.
And ask them if god is the one, who still sends rain.
You never know, God might have been sacked.
Someone from today’s traffic might have run God over.
Let that someone be happy for a while, before someone else runs over someone…

And sometimes I stand still,
Let the world pass by.


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