The dream of a marriage

So, what’s on your mind about marriage?
What about it?
When are you planning to get married?
I am waiting for Osama Bin Laden to meet George Bush.
What for?
Just like that.
And why should they meet to discuss your marriage? That’s for your Papa and me to discuss.
But why aren’t you thinking marriage?
I don’t have time.
And why did you delete your profile from the matrimonial websites?
I would rather read the new Michael Crichton or John Irving than read all those boring I, me, myself profiles.
So, you are meeting foreigners. Oh God! why did you do this to my daughter?
Mom! these are writers. I was talking about reading their novels.
But you can’t deny that you deleted your profile from matrimonial websites for reading novels!
No Mom, for making better use of my time.
A few minutes back you said you don’t have time.
Gosh! why do you have to do this Mom?
What am I doing?
Nothing. Can we disconnect? I got to go.

The phone is disconnected and so are me and my Mom. We fought again and that too over a guy whom we haven’t seen or met but whose fantasies constantly hound us. I will not give up my freedom just because she dreams of making meals of Aloo paranthas, butter, and buttermilk for her dream son-in-law. And she won’t give up on her dream just because her only instrument for fulfilling that dream is unrelenting.

A week later…

Hi Mom.
I wanted to talk to you about something very important.
Is it about marriage?
I know you don’t have time. You have to manage your career, your day to day living, and everything else.
Thanks Mom.
I have been so harsh on you.
Hey Mom, it’s fine.
No, it’s not fine. I will never push you to find a guy.
I love you, Mom. You are the best.
I will find a guy for you.
I knew you would be happy. I will make your profile on a matrimonial website and search for a suitable match for you.
No Mom. You don’t have to.
Oh darling, if I don’t then who will?
But you are not internet-savvy.
If I could learn to play Solitaire on computers, I can learn to play internet too. So tell me, what exactly do you do in office? And what are your hobbies? And what should we say about your salary? And how do you spell the name of the company you work for?

And the cat and mouse chase continues…

P:S: I love you, Mom. In any case, no one else in this world will go way beyond her comfort level, develop an alien skill, and give up her ‘Solitaire playing’ time, just to find a suitable match for me.


4 thoughts on “The dream of a marriage

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  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, rofl!!! how apt -i can actually see u having that conversation with ur mom!!! ;->

  4. Mothers can go to any extent to see their daughters happily “settled”, I say!
    My Mom’s become soo soo net savvy, that she hates MS IE and can give a 100 reasons on why Firefox is better than it! n now I have to meekly say a “lemme figure that out” when she talks about some unheard of firefox add-ons n stuff..

    n about the matrimonial sites, we got her to delete all that, ‘coz poor Papa was getting worried for her health.. understandably so.. anyone could be driven out of their senses reading the kind of profiles they put up! 😛

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