Cups and Cookies… Made for each other…

Cup: Hey Cookie, want to go out for a dance?

Cookie: What’s on your mind, Mr. Cup?

Cup: C’mon, I was just bored enough to ask you. I don’t think we are perfect for each other.

Cookie: Yeah, perfect with each other sounds more like, Cup and Tea, or Cup and Coffee, or Coffee and Cookies, or even Cookies and Chocolate.

Cup: Oh! You are not with chocolate always. You are sweet coconut sometimes and a bitter chocolate some of the other times.

Cookie: You come in different colors and shapes.

Cup: You too come in so many shapes.

Cookie: Your shapes are an art; mine just a way to attract.

Cup: But isn’t attracting someone enough to look, touch, and taste an art too?

Cookie: Maybe… maybe not…

Cup: I can smell you each time life’s hand picks you, dips you in that brown liquid of my heart, and fulfills someone’s love for you. And you smell wonderful.

Cookie: I can feel your color merging with my chocolate each time I enter your heart. And you fill my heart with a longing with red color, a hope with green, and happiness with yellow.

Cup: I know you leave a little of yourself in the brown liquid for me to taste.

Cookie: I know you love the taste of bitter chocolate the most.

Cup: I love all the tastes you bring.

Cookie: And I love all the colors with which you paint my heart.

Cup: Watch out for that chipped corner. It might nip your heart.

Cookie: I have been nipped so many times already and I still go that way.

Cup (laughs): Oh man! You must be really sad.

Cookie: Why do you say that?

Cup: Who else would still go the same way after being nipped once?

Cookie (laughs): Oh man! You must be really sad.

Cup: Why do you say that?

Cookie: Don’t you know? The chipped corner shows the beautiful white you are hiding inside. It nips, it pains. But it brings out my beautiful white to merge with yours.

Cup: You just made my chipped corner beautiful.

Cookie: Like you always add color to my taste and smell.

Cup: But without a brown liquid we never come together.

Cookie (sad): That’s the only life we hold together.

Cup: No, the life that holds you, the same life keeps my heart alive.


P:S: I have a crazy fascination for cups and cookies. Everytime I go for my tea or coffee, I love my cup and my cookies a little more. Sometimes I go window-shopping only for cups. And two days ago, I went out to buy cookies in stormy rain to stock my kitchen. I thought I was addicted to the two but I eavesdropped on this conversation to find that it wasn’t just me!


2 thoughts on “Cups and Cookies… Made for each other…

  1. Lovely imagination, interspersed with melancholy tones and “laughing” humor!
    What an intense rendition! You should be a full-fledged author (if you are not one already)!

  2. 🙂 loved this conversation!!
    I wonder what my Parle-G biscuit talks to my steel tumbler!

    Glad to find your blog, girl! 🙂 Good work! keep’em coming!

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