Creativity at 12.40 am

It’s 12:40 am. I just checked my official mail. Yes I know I had decided to keep my eyes off it in non-work hours. In all probability, I will become a workaholic. But then I do read my mails and see one from the topmost office. My team won the award for being the best team in the Oscar awards of my profession. My first reaction was blank, second I remembered the tug of war situation with a teammate and third I pushed myself to a half-smile! It kind of validated that ok, probably I didn’t make a wrong choice by joining here. But I also remembered that there are times I don’t like my work and there are times I don’t believe that I can really do so much of technical stuff. But somehow I manage!

 It’s funny how a good news only made me think more about me finding my job a little tough at times with all the technology and one control-freak (and that’s not me) going into it.

I always thought before joining this team that I only wanted to do a certain kind of work. After joining this team, I somehow became far freer than ever. Now, I explore so many sides to my own work. I am involved and a complete owner of whatever I take on. The functional priorities still remain but not in a closed way. Rather in an open way, where I learn and take charge of everything that adds value to the core function. 

But technology still scares me. Sometimes I avoid reading for the fear that I will not understand, I will not be able to write a single word about it. But the best part about any such job is recycling. Business empires do not build on creating everything new. Our lives as well as businesses seem to be about innovating the recycling processes. Faster, effective, and consistent performance saves cost and thus makes sense to any business. It makes sense to me as well if I am going to write about technologies for the rest of my life. Hey cmon! I am not saying creativity does not rule. Off course it does! Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog when I should be getting some rest before I plunge ahead into another deliverable tomorrow morning. 


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