I don’t get it!

it was sometime in 2002 that I scribbled a poem spontaneously after coming back from office one day. It is what i call as my first serious effort at writing poetry…

A piece of sky in center of earth,
A dark shade of illumination,
A subtle passion burning loose on the edges,
A wave of sand cutting through the rocks,
A mind fusing life into matter,
A cold fire flowing in my veins,
And the soul of you in me, O God.

Today morning I woke up reciting this poem. I haven’t remembered this poem ever after writing it. A little while later, I was thinking how peaceful have I become after realizing my spiritual and personal growth direction and my vision of creating co-existence between what the world perceives as distinct, disparate extremes. Be it love and freedom, be it social morality and free will, or the simple everyday rules of good and bad, I seek a balance, a coexistence, a companionship of everything.

Now as I write this, I find truth in the old adage that the unconscious is a step ahead of the conscious mind, the heart knows even when I don’t know it as a worded reality…


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