Being ‘The’ Ramalinga Raju

The financial year is ending and I have been to lesser Doctors, bought lesser medicines than my company is willing to pay for. So, I take great pains to find a chemist who will create fake medical bills for me. He earns some extra money and I earn even more out of it.

I am not the only IT sector employee and medical bills are not the only way. Conveyance bills, food bills, per diem for business travels, we are used to find ways to grab the maximum we can grab out of the money that is meant to serve the business interests, that is paid to us as a business cost since we are representatives of the business, contributors to that business.

But I cannot look good till the time I point fingers at Ramalinga Raju for 7100 Crore of fraud and for putting the lives of 53000 employees at stake. I cannot look good till the time I praise people like Narayan Murthy and abuse Ramalinga Raju.

Don’t worry, I am not attempting to make you feel guilty. Neither am I feeling guilty for all these years. This year I have already spent 500 bucks for the commission on Medical Bills. But today I feel strong enough to take that loss of 500 bucks and not claim that money. Especially in the case of my company that pays for our medical bills outside of the CTC. It’s not a part of my CTC but a facility that’s provided to all employees irrespective of the level or nature of job. A bigger reason for me to take that loss.

Thanks to an old buddy, I saw how we are all Ramalinga Rajus in our own small ways. His thoughts provoked me to think longer and write this blog today. But I hope he pays me 500 bucks to cover my financial loss:-)


7 thoughts on “Being ‘The’ Ramalinga Raju

  1. Hi, I do agreed with all your views!!! But, as Mr.Ramalinga Raju, he himself mentioned in his resignation that even a single rupee/dollar is not acquired by him or by his family members.

    However, According to me…He is a real Entrepreneur, Hero of my life and he has given life to over 55 Thousand Families. Should not get punished in such a way in behind the bars…Being HIM, It’s really paining!!!

    • Hey John,

      There were a few thoughts that could not be continued in this blog. Those thoughts are similar to yours and should have been added. Thanks for bringing this up. For me, the question is not whether he or his family took money. For me the bigger question is that why are we making a villain out of him when we have kept small rats in our own closets?

  2. Yes….I do respect all your thoughts!!! and it’s really interesting too!!!

    But, Nobody is a GOD. Mistakes may happened at any level due to so many reasons. And i’m seriously looking for those who all have enjoyed&praised him for all his success, for this many years, should give some helping hand by now!!! ( Not Necessary to be in terms of Money!!! )

    However, His final confessions and the way he surrender himself to the law of land are showing him, still as a Gentlemen!!!

    I don’t know how? But, it’s my wish and a very serious prayers for him to come out soon from all these issues. And should sit again as a very successful and a king of Entrepreneurs in the same industry, in the near future!!!

    Hoping for the best!!!

  3. I agree with John and also with the fact that we are all Rajus in our own way. From day one, I always felt sorry for Raju and thought again and again why did he have to do all this and land himself in a soup!
    But so many good things also happened when the show was running fine. No one wants to recall that because surely Law cannot be sensitive to all this and it is blind. Else there will be a lot of bias in judgements.
    Anyhow, Raju belongs to the clan of “Rajus” and true to it, he lived like one and surrendered like one.
    I pray he lives in peace whereever he is, because I can understand the turmoil he and his family are going through as he becomes a pawn in the hands of mighty Fate.

    • I don’t know what Nalini meant by ‘clan’ of Rajus but it looks like it refers to a particular community/caste. If it is, then I would like to add here that it’s very easy for us to make nationality or caste or regionalism, a basis for our support and I have no issues if someone does that. But this could be a guy from any region or caste or community. I support his entrepreneurship not the fact that he came from any particular clan.

  4. Pch, I feel very bad when I read about the experiences of great enterpreneur
    in jail.Though neither me, not any one from my kith and kin never worked with satyam, I always felt proud about Satyam , the Indian Company feeding more than 50,000 families.But today when he is behind the bars, I think he should be given due respect and should be treated in a better way as he is not a criminal

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