Quick Update to Being ‘The’ Ramalinga Raju Post

There were a few thoughts that were not continued in the previous post. Those thoughts came from the same guy who made me think about the whole issue from a different perspective. Thanks buddy. For a change I will agree with you today.

Here is reiterating some thoughts that he expressed but I missed out on in the previous post.
Raju…for all the scam he might have done was responsible for providing for the families of half a lac people for years who might have gone hungry if it were not for him. He was an entrepreneur, in every sense of the word. Would the people raising fingers at him today have provided for all these families? Did these families themselves think twice before they went to US, UK and enjoyed at satyam’s expense on onsite projects? How many in-laws would have proudly declared..my son is in satyam so we want a car and 2 lac rupees so we can invite your daughter into our homes. So …fuck all this holier than thou attitude. Raju was a businessman. He took a risk. He got caught and he’s willing to stand trial for it. Now the bigger question is – is the state intelligent enough to make those charges stick? Or as always, can Raju still prove the point that in india you can get away lightly by greasing palms. I bet on the latter. So, in a way, I respect Raju. I bet he is not a villain. He just did what made the most business sense to him but unfortunately, he didn’t take private coaching from the Ambanis that was his downfall.


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