Jumbledness in a Jumbled World

Silence, silence, silence… leave me alone. I want a quiet mind that the band ‘Blue October’ crooned about! I want the peace that Bush will have as Obama clears his mess. I want the peace of the frog that stays in the well. And I want the peace that once described ignorance as bliss. Ignorance is the last place an IT employee with investments in stocks, credit card bills, and an axe hanging over the employment, would want to visit. Bliss or no bliss is not the question!

What? No, it’s been eight months to ‘Jumbled words in a Jumbled World’ post and my mind is still jumbled. Well. It’s jumbled at one level and clear at another and I think if we grind these two states together then that’s jumbled enough!

I want tea. It’s the most peacefully lazy, non-guilty thing that I can have in today’s world. World? What world? Shouldn’t it be AAA? A is for acid, the buttery one that we use for asses and the burning one we use for people of no consequence. A is for Afghanistan, the one that lives like a ticking bomb in the much awaited list of people who would be let go in your IT company. T is for terror, btw. We don’t need Pakistan. We have our own media, politicians, and CEOs of IT companies to do the honors. The last A… that A is for all invisible aphrodisiacs. Off course there must be invisible aphrodisiacs. Why everyone would be saying ‘sex sells’ if not for invisible aphrodisiacs that keep them horny 24*7?

B is for the loose or tight, but ill-fitting bras in which Indian aunties used to keep their money and would prefer to take out precisely when their photo was being clicked at a birthday party. B is also for the bras that hang like inverted bats in the retail stores and gather more men than women at a Discount Sale! Male liberation, anyone?

C is for the subject of chemistry that we study in a virtual world but do its laboratory experiments on real, alive biological samples of homo sapien sapien specie. No wonder that we get the steps in the processes right but the results wrong! No wonder we get the hypothesis right but the evidence to prove it is all wrong! Still the hypothesis is accurate. Please go ahead and celebrate the success of a cynical chemistry!

If fears and fantasies went out of business, there is nothing left that will make you the czar of your own world. So, colleagues will be just colleagues and not enemies for getting attention. Friends will be just friends not means of getting approval or sadistic satisfaction that you are better than them. Movies are just movies and the director didn’t make it to tell your story. You see, you are not special and damn life is boring all of a sudden.

You have nothing to say if you are not being a pseudo-sympathy seeker or giver. You have nothing to do if you are not being pseudo-moralistic or pseudo-immoralistic. You have nothing to think if you stop being a pseudo. So, P is for a potluck of ‘which pseudo do I want to be today?’

F is an alphabet with such obvious definitions and no, obviously it’s a jumbled word list that does not go the alphabetical way. It only goes one way and that’s my way and that means it’s jumbled. Ok’ so that’s jumbled enough! Are you still stuck at F? Fat brains or fucked up brains?

When I first heard the term ‘fucked up brains’, I burst out laughing. How the hell do you do that now? Maybe with aphrodisiacs turned upside down.


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