Story of A RIF-Layoff-Pink Slip

Pink days are here again. The days of the pink slips, I mean. The whole office has been talking about a mystery list that was to come out on Jan 22, meaning Jan 23 for the India office.

Me and my team were spared. My friend Usha wasn’t. She was so absolutely prepared for it. For days, she had been carrying her stuff home. For days she had been taking a backup of her stuff. I did that too, btw. I was mentally prepared to face it though I knew I was at a lower risk this time.

In the morning, I was coming to office and I saw my friend and colleague walking to office. We rode int he same auto. I was wondering how people either tend to get closer to other people or break away from them completely in crisis like these where your survival maybe dependent on someone else getting the axe. While me and this friend of mine could connect, another colleague of ours chose to stay away. But that’s his choice. I carry no bitterness against anyone.

Anyways, we found out in the call that none of us was impacted. Then I came and met my friend Usha who is in another team but sits in a cubicle right next to me. We were cracking jokes when she got a call from her Manager. She asked me to accompany her to the 6th floor. We went and I waited outside her Manager’s cubicle. We knew what we had been happily waiting for was finally happening. Yippee!

It made sense to her life and her career to go from this place just as it makes sense to my life and my career to stay here. We came back to her workstation and that was it.  A few people came to meet her. Each one of them expecting her to be sad or crying. But my sweetheart of a friend, who has a blog titled ‘Smiley Side Up‘, really had her smiley, sunny, cheerful side up, and authentically so. You know it if someone is faking it, right?

Anyways, I was wondering what is it with people. If she is happy, free, and loving it that she is going, then why can’t people just let it be? Why do we have to expect others to be in pain about things that pain us? I could see that most of the people could not relate to her or even me in those moments.

Of course, she might be dealing with her uncertain future now. Of course, she might have a feeling that she has nowhere to go. But I am confident that with her healthy frame of mind, and with a talent for finding the best around her, she will go a long way.

All The Best darling! Don’t let people’s sympathy dampen your spirits and make you feel that ‘Oh! I am this poor girl who lost her a job’ shit. I know it’s a tough market and it’s tough to find what we have in here. To a certain extent, the financial loss and career loss can still be managed. High risk and uncertainty is a cost to pay for working in this company and getting more moolah, facilities, and free environment than the market. And all of us knew that, always.

If you don’t define your worth with just one job, if you don’t get dependent on luxuries and lifestyle that come with an MNC job, and if you can accept whatever happens, then you will keep your self-respect intact. And that’s all that matters at the end of a RIF.


2 thoughts on “Story of A RIF-Layoff-Pink Slip

  1. Well, dankes, girl.. for being with me through these times! 🙂

    and yes, I’m a relieved and happy soul, ‘coz I feel, “I’m this lucky girl, who just got a world of opportunities in front of her” .. and the best part about losing a job during such insecure market conditions is that, suddenly I realise that I have nothing to lose when I’m looking out for a change.. whatever could have been lost is already over.. the only possible outcome now, is that I will end up gaining.


  2. You bowled me over one more time with your attitude! 🙂 You said it babes! ‘You are this lucky girl who has the world of opportunities in front of her’

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