Topsy Turvy Multi Threaded Dreams of Jumbled World

Dream 1: Mom meets her neighbor.

Mom: Hello Mrs. X.

Neighbor: Hello, Mrs.Y.

Mom: So, you got your daughter married?

Neighbor: What could we do? Times are so bad. The kids don’t listen to us anymore.

Mom: Yeah, you could have tried to put some sense in her head.

Neighbor: We tried our level best. But she wouldn’t agree.

Mom: Was everything alright with her? Now, what’s there to hide from me? You know I won’t tell Mrs. Z. I don’t even look at her if I meet her at the supermarket.

Neighbor: No, no. What are you saying? Everything is perfect with her.

Mom walks ahead and meets Mrs. Z.

Mom: Hey there, I have something for you.

Mrs. Z: You met Mrs. Y, who got her daughter married?

Mom: Yes. Now I am sure there is some major flaw her daughter has. She was trying to change the subject all the time when I asked her.

Mrs. Z: What else can she do? I pity her.

Dream 2: A Manager in an IT company with a three reportees, X, Y, Z

X: So boss, what’s been up with you? We haven’t seen you around.

Manager: Hey, I have been making business reports about all the projects we did in the last quarter.

Y: You are doing that now?

Manager: Yeah. I got a mail from one of the Directors for it last week. I have been spending sleepless nights for it.

Z: You should. Why didn’t you make these reports while we were doing these projects?

Manager: Hey chill! I said I am doing it now.

Y: But you got to be more proactive.

X: Yeah. There are so many things you might miss out.

Manager: Now you are being too harsh on me, buddy. I have the data right here with me.

Y: I guess we might be able to help you review these reports.

Manager: That would be great. I wouldn’t want to mess up any numbers.

Dream 3: A Landlord with a prospective tenant, a single, searching for an apartment in Bangalore

Landlord: So, do you like the place?

Tenant: Yes, it’s nice. It even has a toilet that looks like it has a door opening into the room but its a separate room in itself.

Landlord: Yes, we were particular about making a toilet like a toilet,  and not by cutting 1/4th of a room and putting up a pot there.

Tenant: That’s great. I had no idea that there were special rooms like this in the house architecture for a toilet. Normal houses would just cut a corner of a room for a toilet, no?

Landlord: That’s what makes the Bangalore architecture so special. We think about all the needs of singles. What if you have friends coming over for a party or just a sleep over? You need a proper toilet then!

Tenant: Oh sure!

Landlord: Two days back, a girl came to see this house and I refused to give it to her. She had no boyfriends, you see. How can you give your place to a girl who has no boyfriend?

Tenant: That’s true. But she might be a lesbian.

Landlord: I asked her if she was. Her face changed colors from brown to blue to red. I kicked her out. I hope you are not like that.

Tenant: Oh no! I know a lot of people… and we party a lot…

Landlord: Make more friends, get more friends here… the more, the merrier…I want to make a happy place, not a prison!


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