What drives me? But to where?

A friend recently wrote a post on What drives her in life. I loved that post! I thought I would write on What drives me. There was a lot of stuff like challenge, adventure, etc. etc. etc.

Gawd! I am driven to do everything everyday and something sometimes and many things many times. How does it really matter? I am more interested in where I am driven to these days!

I was hungry and wanted some watermelon but 2 hrs later, I was in an Electronics Store, checking out refrigerators in which I could store water melons! Hungry? Well, I had water melon in dinner much later.

Another day, I went to buy a refrigerator. I was confident that since I had already checked pricing and models, all I needed to do was to buy it. I came back with a book, ‘Like Water For Chocolate’. Well at least we were still talking food!

So, the question is that the questions ‘What do I want?’ and ‘What drives me?’ are going to be defunct soon. Maybe they already are. But being a questionoholic, I have to find another question to survive this world.

If you have a question to which I can find answers, let me know.


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