See, smell, taste, touch, and hear…

…or try having one of the senses missing from your experience… and you will know what I am talking about…

A friend’s 3-month old baby had the habit of waking up at 4 AM for her daily ritual of finding relief in the most basic biological process of the moving life forms. Now, this was an especially clean baby who would not wet the bed, rather holler and holler if no one picked her and helped her relieve herself. After weeks of peaceful relief and sleeping all over again, one morning, as both parents took turns to hold the baby so that she would relieve herself in the pot, the baby just wouldn’t budge. She cried and hollered for 20 minutes. In those 20 harrowing minutes, the neighbors dropped into see if everything was alright, a friendly elderly lady brought a home made medicine and someone offered to go to a doctor.

The young parents, harrassed and stressed were about to call their family doctor when the miracle happened. The baby was suddenly silent. Everyone crowded around the baby to see if she was indeed silent or was just taking a break. Then she made a face that she usually made when she was about to push her intestines to wriggle and stretch. The hassled Mom picked her and stood over the pot and whoosh… here goes the baby…

It took some detective work by the enthusiastic neighbors and the proud father to find out what exactly happened in the moments when the baby decided to releieve herself. Every morning at 4 AM, the building watchman, switched on the water motor that made a vibrating, whizzing sound. That morning the water motor did not work for some reason. For the baby, hearing the whizzing, vibrating sound was a part of the whole experience of getting her relieving system to work. the sound missing and so did the sleep and peace of a lot of adults.

Later, the parents made a conscious effort to change the baby’s ritual timings and made it independent of the sound of the water motor. I am sure that without the parents knowing it, the baby must have made her own experiences of sound, sight, smell, touch, and seeing, all over again.

Imagine what would it do to us if we enter our home and one important component of our experience is missing? for some of us, thinking is the sixth component that completes our experience. Imagine if something happened and the thoughts, that you have everyday while going through the routine activities around your house or place of work, are banned for some reason. What would it do to your psyche?


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