SOS… Save Your Soul…

What is this fucking need to commercialize everything in this world? A popular newspaper has an article that says- Exchanging Love Bands is the best way to express love and then goes on to praise Platinum Love Bands. Do they know how many Love stories they scew up with the expectations of expensive gifts like Love Bands? And don’t tell me Indians are mature enough to realize that this newspaper is paid by Jewellery Stores to publish such crap. Don’t tell me that people know that expressing love is not in a Platinum Love Band…

On the Republic Day this year, Vijay Sales in Mumbai proudlly announced on Radio – Iss saal ki Republic Day Parade hogi Vijay Sales pe. 50 percent discount, toh chalein parade karne?

Excuse me? What is happening to we, the people, the media, the culture we live in? My head just gets even more and more jumbled with the values I see degrading in malls, the love I see eroding in diamond stores. I am not against buying good stuff, living a good life, but making everything that can be bought with money a symbol of the essentials of life and love? Is that what we have come to? You are not hip and happening if you don’t go to the right restaurants or wear the clothes that everyone else is wearing. You can’t get married or have friends if you don’t work hard on your clothes, your hair and get accepted by the worst of the consumerists, the Indian middle class? Where is the depth of insight that can make every person an original not a product of consumerism?

People like me are the most fucked up. I don’t know where I belong. I want to be let in, I want to be one of the people. And I did work hard on getting accepted in the last 2 years. But I am back to my senses. I don’t want to follow what’s so degenerating for my mind, what leaves me so disgusted every time. So, I take great pride in being confused, unclear and unfriended many a times.

Most of the people were shocked to find that I did not shop on my recent visit to Paris or I did not take 500 Patel Shots a day. I tried to explain that I couldn’t really disturb what i was experiencing and focus on getting Patel Shots or spend because I should be spending on fashion in Paris. But I was branded a loser already. That’s ok i guess:-) I would rather stay foolish, experience life my way rather than adhering to the norms of an environment in which I can’t be myself.
A cousin said to me yesterday that all he needed in life was a little chocolate and a little Vodka everyday. I completely agree with his list. I will just add one more item to the list, someone I can hug and sleep every night, and I think that’s enough for my life.

Save your soul, save yourself if you can before the monster of consumerism gets to you. And even if it has already, you can still get out of its clutches. And the day you see people for who they are and not for the clothes they wear, you would have gotten rid of the monster…


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