Lost and found…

Have you ever lost something?
You kept it somewhere in your home so you wouldn’t lose it.
And then forgot where did you keep it to keep it safe.
I think I lost myself the same way…
Another lonely night went by,
With thoughts of the lost me.
The heart I knew,the passion I lived,
The things I kept safe in your heart.
You took your heart to another path.
I took mine to another.
Check your bags again,
Did you take something of mine with you?
I don’t think so, still I want you to check.
My search is on.
I know I have it somewhere here only.
I kept it somehwere when I was scared it would hurt.
I wish I hadn’t, if I hadn’t it wouldn’t have hurt.
What I tried to keep safe from the world,
Was the thing that got hurt the most.
What I put out there,
Was the thing that found love.
Let me find my heart one more time,
Let me put it out there.
Let me join it with someone out there,
Let me travel with those two hearts till the end.

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