Comeback Trail

It’s been long but not really lonely,

I have been away but not really distanced.

I know you missed me, I missed you too.

I know you thought of me,

I thought of you too.

I know you would understand, this was important for me.

I know you don’t know what I was doing all this while, but you will still forgive me.

You and I have been together for years,

More than I care to remember,

More than you care to define.

You came to me as the only way you could,

Silently yet surely, that I was your home.

You never left me once you came,

You never gave up on me.

I never doubted that you love me,

But I still had to take this trip, alone.

I thought I would find myself at the end of this trip,

How could I have known that I had left myself with you?

I thought I was chasing a dream but it turned out to be an empty fantasy,

How could I have known that all my dreams lay where I left you?

Yet I don’t regret I took this trip.

I could break walls that didn’t let me hug you at times,

I could burn knots that tied me away from you.

Now, I have the free heart I always wanted to give you.

And now I am on my way back,

To the passion throbbing in my veins,

To the dreams I breathe,

To life itself.

I am back to love.


9 thoughts on “Comeback Trail

    • Thanks… i sometimes feel that the search is still important… though we might come back to the same place that we begun…

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