What is Independence?

A friend asked me what does independence mean to me. It took me a week to do justice to the question and make a list of top eight things that it means to me.

1. Accepting responsibility for my actions and their consequences as well. No blaming anyone else, no regretting what I did.
2. Not allowing anyone to play with my self-esteem. Of course other people can tell me if I or my work is good or bad but it’s my choice if I believe them or not.
3. Not changing myself to impress anyone. Changing myself to grow, to accommodate and to love more is fine.
4. Giving space to other people to think and act on their own and grow on their own.
5. Connecting to people without the fear that I will lose my identity while fulfilling their expectations. Setting the expectations right!
6. Asking for help and receiving it whenever I need it. It doesn’t make me dependent or less of a person in any way.
7. Partnering with friends and colleagues, for fun, for ideas for work, for getting things done. That sounds like collaboration but can you really express and help others understand your point of view if you don’t believe in your own independent mind and its ideas?
8. Trying for a middle path, a win-win always. Independence is not the I, me, myself world.

I don’t know if this is an agreeable list for many people but this is what my current list looks:-)


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