Color me Red…

The color of sun and a yellow ray,
You paint my face every day.

New colors of bright summers touched my window,
And the old grey of the winter too I could see down the lane.
They all painted a new shade today,
A spread of grey in an expanse of yellow,
Thorns dripping red on eyes turning mellow.

The color of sun with a misty gray,
You paint my face every day.

My door opened to find white snow,
Itโ€™s fleeting touch cleaned the browns below.
My fingers dipped again in pink,
A spread caught short with a rush of black,
A hue of dark sweeping across my heart.

The color of sun with a black sway,
You paint my face every day.

Wish I would find red lying when I go out,
A splash across my face, a splash across my back.
Some of red on the dark grey inside,
Mix it with water, mix it with white,
Make shades of red to color my life.

The color of sun with crimson gone astray,
Please paint my face with it every day.


Thanks everyone for all the love and encouragement I have received for this and other poems. Special thanks to Jamie. I have submitted this poem to the Poets’ Rally… do visit and enjoy some beautiful poetry in the rally. Here is the link –ย


32 thoughts on “Color me Red…

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  2. lovely piece..

    you have got talent here, welcome to attend poets rally week 35, where you share your poetry and make new poetic friends…poetry awards are assigned upon completion.

    let me know when you are ready.
    Merry Christmas…
    keep writing…
    Jamie told me about you…hope to see you in.

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  4. oh I love love love this ๐Ÿ™‚ This is my kind of poem – I can feel the sun, shining and coloring my face lifted to it. Gorgeous writing ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Always thought that we are related to other people by words and coincidences… I am glad we are related with an ocean at your end and a sun at mine:-)

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