The Love Story…

I was getting on a bus,

When my foot tripped.

You held my hand,

And our eyes could meet.

I said ‘Thank you’

And moved to my seat.

Yet, I knew for a momentous while,

You were in love and so was I.

What love said to me,

What you heard in my gaze,

Just let it be,

Don’t give it a name.

We waste our lives,

Looking for signs of love.

We gloat one another,

Trying to prove ourselves.

Love is not a diamond ring,

Just some words unsaid.

Love is not a give and take.

Just some signs unread.

Coincidence is the language of love,

Meeting of eyes the only sign I know.

I live this language every day,

I read the signs around me aglow.


You and I,

I and you,

A world of love,

The only peace I know…


P:S: I love you. Whosoever you are, wherever you are… I respect your reasons for still being a mystery to me just as you respect my reasons for keeping my eyes closed to love for a long time. Just one more time and then a million times over… I love you…



3 thoughts on “The Love Story…

  1. That was so sweet, the dreams of finding love and dedicating words to a mystery! I liked it so much! I wish you could find that person and happiness!

  2. Hi, How are you doing?

    I welcome you to week 23 poetry potluck at Jingle Poetry :

    Always, we treasure your support and would be more than happy to see you share…

    The linkz will be open for submission 8pm, Sunday, American Central…theme related entries or unrelated entries are all welcome!

    Best Regards and a happy day.

    Week 23 Theme: Our Home, Temple and Sanctum


  3. Caressing my overblown literary vanities, I must say that you’ve exceeded yourself with this one – in comparison to ‘Falling in Love’, that is.

    An absolute delight! And thanks be the Romance still lives…

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