Settling the marriage issue

For all those who probe, taunt, question my being ‘unmarried’ and cannot stop using every ping, phone call to do it… For those who talk to me after years, know nothing of my growth, or who I am… but still give me the looks and tell me in words – I got a spouse and 2 kids… what have you got? … I got myself MORONS and most of the Morons wouldn’t understand what it means to have ‘self’ so let me put it in another way and let me just settle it once and for all. I don’t care if I have the label of ‘Mrs. so and so’ or not. But I do care that I am the person, the professional, the writer, the cook, the teacher, the traveler, the companion, the leader, the homemaker and the ‘friend to the kids of this world’ that I see in my being. And life keeps finding and will always find more ways to express itself in all these avatars through me. If marriage is going to be the way life wants me to be one or more of these things… fine… if not… awesome! So, stop all the bullshit and get on with life!


2 thoughts on “Settling the marriage issue

  1. I hear you Shweta!

    I know what it means. My story is more or less on the similar pattern- I mean why so much of brouhaha over it?
    Then again, such is our Society
    Wishing you loads of happiness

    Love xx

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