Falling in Love?

Say that, say it one more time…
What was the question again?
No, I am still not in love
Why do people keep asking that?
Just tell me why?
I know that’s the way of this world
I know that’s how we are all supposed to be
But guess what?
I am not looking for love
I never was, I never will
A friend to talk to, YES.
Delusions, love fading away with unrealistic expectations, NO.
Flowers, roses, chocolates and candles,
All are nice, very nice.
But for me?
It would be enough if I could just open the door to you in the evening
It would be enough if we could eat our dinner and tell each other how hectic the day was
It would be enough if you could play a song I have never heard before
Or tell me why economy was going the way it was
Or laugh silly till our eyes are wet
Or how you liberated yourself from an old fear
or how you almost cried when you saw a child crying
Or read me a passage from a book you loved
Or just sit there watching TV in silence
I would love to get bored with all this I tell you
I would love to bore you to death with my chatter as well
Boring intelligent bullshit is better than flowers that cost a lot but wilt away in no time
Fighting with cushions and cuss words is better than any sweet words you learnt from the movies
Chocolates are nice but not when you know that I am trying to lose weight
Candles, sometimes, maybe, but a bit of streetlight peeping through the bedroom curtains is also enough
I just want you to be happy, as happy as I am, to be with you
Coz’ all I want is to love you for who you are
And not for the things you do or don’t, not for the things you say or don’t
I just want to love the ‘you’ in you, not the guy I imagine you to be…


4 thoughts on “Falling in Love?

  1. “Boring intelligent bullshit”

    The first instance I’ve found of someone else sharing my definition of love. Loved the poem, and understand precisely what you’re talking about.

    Indeed, one doesn’t need the extraordinary. Life is short, as it is, and I’d more than gladly make do with the usual. After all, how much do we have of it left these days? How much more fulfilling is an evening spent under her hair, just listening to her eyes, and talking to her heart, than running around and make a show of our ‘love’ to the rest of the world with bling?

    Loved it. And will read some more.

  2. Hey:-) thanks.

    It’s so great to see that someone else out there can understand what I am trying to say… it does fill me with some hope:-)

    I am glad you could connect.

  3. “Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness.” – The Architect, from ‘The Matrix Revolutions’.

    (As an aside, in case you haven’t seen the film, please, please do. In fact, catch the entire trilogy. For someone who’s so in love with words, you’ll drive yourself insane…)

    I am glad that I stumbled upon your blog. It is rare for me to do so on an Indian one. After all, for all the talk of being part of a truly globalised democracy that is the internet, it is a relief to find someone talking the same language.

    Strangely, the closest “blog-friend” I’ve made uses this very theme. And she writes of the same, and just as well.

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