Papa… I miss you…

This poem was my entry in the Week 46 of Jingle’s Poetry Community and it won me the Perfect Poet Award. Here is the link for those who wish to explore the work of talented poets and bloggers –


It was cold, my first breath, my first shiver, my first cry,

I was a December baby lost in a dark night.

Something made its way between my tiny fingers,

I smiled at my only ray of light.

My light was hard, dry, with a chipped nail,

You smiled when I held your finger tight,

That was the first time I knew,

That I would just make through this world alright.

I can’t write, I have to cry,

Remembering those nights when my fever ran high,

You held my head in your lap,

Comforted me and hid from mom that you had cried.

When mom pushed me to drink milk, you let me feed it to plants.

You bought me Sandwiches on the way to the bus stop,

Joked with my teachers,

That I was more of your daughter even though I looked like mom from head to toe.

There were times when I hated you,

For not letting me go out alone,

For always trying to protect me from harm,

For loving me in a way I didn’t quite understand.

You were there; you were by my side,

Even when I moved out.

You wouldn’t talk to me much on phone,

And I grew apart thinking you don’t really care for me after all.

I couldn’t have hurt you more,

When I refused to let you buy me ice cream and chocolates,

When I made you feel again and again,

That I don’t need you anymore.

You still kept buying chocolates,

And hid them in my bag,

You knew once out of your sight,

I would relish them till the last bite.

You had dreamt that I would become a strong woman,

You brought me up on stories of women who had guts,

Today I am that woman you wanted me to be,

But  all I long for is a chocolate hidden in my handbag.

Today you tell me that you have lost the will to live,

The man who let me hold his finger to everywhere,

The man who let me ride on his back whenever I couldn’t walk,

Papa, how can I allow you to wither away like this?

We can fight this together,

Just as we fought the monster who gave me cramps in cold nights,

Just as we fought the shadows that made me scream in dark nights,

We won then, we will win now.

You made me strong so that when a day like today comes,

We could still make through this world alright.


31 thoughts on “Papa… I miss you…

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    • Hi… I was crying when I wrote it… writing this poem somehow gave me a lot of strength so I know everything will be alright…

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