Just when…

Just when your arms spread for me at night,

Just when you held me tight,

Just when your warm breath touched the back of my neck,

Just when your fingers entwined with mine,

A thousand dreams were born…


Just when you looked at me from across the table,

Just when you got lost in your thoughts,

Just when you came back to reality and tickled my arm,

Just when you said nothing again,

A thousand promises were made…


Just when you pointed at an airplane flying above,

Just when you held my hand while walking together,

Just when you bored me with another of your childhood pranks,

Just when you asked me to make tea for you again,

A thousand vows were written…


Just when you said, Good Morning with your eyes still closed,

Just when you sneaked into my blanket while half-asleep,

Just when you called out my name before leaving for office,

Just when you came back home in the evening,

Every dream, every promise, every vow was fulfilled again…


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