The bridge to eternity…

How does it feel to wait for eternity to happen?
How does it feel to know that you are so close to the joy you had been waiting for that you might explode the moment it touches you?
Still you have been waiting for forever.
Till the time you don’t hold that love in your arms,
Till the time every nerve in your body doesn’t reverberate with that love,
Till that time how do you believe this is it?

Believing is a matter of faith.
You either believe or you don’t.
You either love or you don’t.
You either breathe or you don’t.
How can there ever be half of these?

Eternity is here… just moments away.


3 thoughts on “The bridge to eternity…

  1. Well, my take on this is, humans invented time (as we think of it) but, time has no meaning in itself. Like love, time, just is. So, for time there has been no yesterday, no tomorrow, for time, there is only the `now`and that`s what we humans must learn, stop living in our past, because it`s gone and will never return, stop living for tomorrows that may never come, but do live fully in the `now`because that is what we have and it is all we have.
    Lovely thoughts, thanks for visiting me. 🙂

    • Well… I can’t help but agree. Living in the moment is a tough thing to take on really… but it’s worth it. The joy, the happiness the passion that I have felt while being in the moment is unchallenged… but what if waiting is someone’s current moment?

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