Death of the child within…

Today morning, two of my friends called to share the news of another close friend’s father’s death. I know my friend. He is silent, strong, extremely sensitive. he is the kind of person who, if he loves you, takes you as a friend, will know those things about you, that you don’t know and think about. He is the easiest to miss in a crowd for his silence. He is the closest to heart once he becomes a friend.

He is the person who hardly shares his pain. I shudder to think what he might be going through at this moment. He is a vulnerable soul who knows love and who is sensitive about losing it.

The death of a parent is death of that part in you that could be a child. It doesn’t matter how your relationship with your parent was or is. It’s just that a part of your life is cut out and burnt and buried.

I am praying for you my friend. Saying it will be alright does not make sense. Saying that death is the inevitable reality does not make sense either. All I can say is that I probably cannot feel what you are feeling. I can probably never really know your tears. But I will stand by you, in your pain, in your tears and whenever you are ready to smile one more time.

I am praying that your father’s memories give you enough strength to stand just as he did for the values he believed in…


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