Conversations galore…

I was walking on a street,
When I heard you hum a song,
I don’t know if it was for me,
But I added my voice to your music for sure.

You welcomed me,
And I sang with a smile,
You played the drums,
While I danced to the beat.

People saw us,
People crossed us by,
How could we see them,
When our conversations burnt bright?

Words are just that,
They don’t mean a thing,
Yet, words are all that there is,
To the world we know.

My words add to the lonely noises on the street,
Your words fall into a nowhere when they are alone,
Unless they string with another soul’s words,
How can words mean anything anymore?

P:S: Conversations mean the world to me. This poem is for those very special friends that god sends my way in different settings, friends who start as people I bump into but become friends when they play with my words and let me play with theirs…


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