Find me…

Just as a magnet finds the opposite pole of another magnet,
Just as silence finds strings of a melody never hummed before,
Just as answers find the questions they can complete,
Just like that, find me all over again…

Silence was that one word that filled me with dread,
Silence was what I hated the most,
Silence meant hiding to me, silence meant an unnamed fear,
But silence is what I have come to love the most.

Silence is peace, silence is a magic,
Silence is the mystery that reveals its own answers,
Silence is freedom, the only truth I know.
Silence is my way of life too.

It’s up to you to know,
It’s upto you to trust,
That I may be silent, just as you are,
But I am waiting for you to find me one more time, hug me and share this silence with me.


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