A love letter for the indomitable yet struggling ‘self’ in us…

I love you for things you don’t know and never thought could be loved for.

I love you when you are stuck in a loop, angry with yourself, knowing what to do but procrastinating doing it, or not knowing what to do, and keep on doing what you know to be a mistake over and over again.

I love you when you are confused, can’t figure out a thing about anything, and still want to do the right thing, the right way.

I love you when you are an unscrupulous lawyer, arguing the both sides of an argument in your head, realizing the truth only after you have won another of your empty wins.

I love you when are trying so hard to be vengeful, while forgiveness is poking its head above the angry clutter as an obvious choice.

I love you when you complain, crib and shut-up the moment you see how negative it is making you feel about things you love, about people you love.

I love you when you try so hard to self-destruct that you eat that very dessert at night that you had fought so hard to melt away during the morning exercise.

I love you when you crave for things you know deep in your heart that you don’t want.

I love you when you spew venom about the world and then go on to celebrate every good thing it has to offer – friendship, love, trust, achievements and joy.

I love you when you lie without realizing it, make up stories that you think must be true and narrate them with so much confidence that your audience begins to doubt their own truth.

I love you when you are angry, yet try to not react, not say the words you know you will regret later. I love you when you fail to do so.

I love you when you pass unsubstantiated opinions as facts that wouldn’t stand a chance if someone were to challenge them.

I love you when you judge people while a voice chirps in your head that you do the same things that you judge the other people for.

And I love you the most when you struggle to find your own path, always, struggling not to give up on what you value, struggling to do what feels right in your heart, even if it is illogical for the rest of the world.

I love you in your trials, triumphs and failures. I love you at your best, worst, and somewhere in the middle times.

Loving you is the only thing that life taught me to do since I was born and continues teaching every day. Loving you is the only thing worth living for.

Needless to add, but I would still say it… I love you.


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