The world, that is…

It’s a dark, messy place.
This world that is.
The home I live in, is a part of the same world,
The dark, messy place that is.

Yet I see that spark in you,
Yet I see that spark in me,
I see a tear wetting the corner of a smile,
The love that makes us come back for more every time it pulls us away that is.

You are the fire that you keep looking for,
I glow in your warmth from a distance,
If I try to touch, it burns me,
The dark, messy monster of fire that is.

Dig, build, break, bond,
That’s all that there is to do.
Twisted, dark world ruled by us,
All fuckin’ mean people that is.

Wish fire could be all about warmth and light, but it isn’t.
Wish things were crystal clear, but they aren’t.
Twisted at corners, yet breaking through the superficial white,
The crystal of our lives that is.

It’s a mess out there, everywhere I see.
It’s mean, dark, twisted people everywhere I go.
Yet as long as they smile, as long as they cry, I know I can find,
The light and love in all of us selfish, superficial people that is.


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