Like a phoenix… we rise from the ashes…

…with the wings for the first time…

There was once a man, as lonely as the tears of truth,

Truth was what he sought, truth was what he struggled to live,
And then there was this woman, as much of a mate as the laughter,
Soul was what she sought, soul was what she gave.

God being god, made their paths cross,
Don’t know what the hell was he thinking?

There was once a man who was happy to hear the woman’s voice and read her words,

Beautiful as he was on the inside, he refused to show her his truth on the outside,
She pined and she cried, she shrieked and put up a fight,
With who else but herself, to stick to a ghost who she hoped would bring her light.
It isn’t that he didn’t, it isn’t that he tried.

Yet I don’t know why, I don’t know how, something went amiss,
Especially since neither of them had anyone to hold at night.

There were once a man and woman who found each other but not themselves,

The man couldn’t find the wings of his soul in the layers of lies,
The woman couldn’t find the wings of her truth in the man’s eyes,
The truth grew to wear thorns, the soul layered itself with more pain,
All in each others’ keeping, all in each others’ hands.

Yet I don’t know why, I don’t know how,
They stayed together and came back for more every time they parted.

There were once a man and woman who learnt to love themselves first and then any other,

On a path to find themselves, they lost each other,
The love in which you find your soul, your truth, your home and your journey,
That love is the only true love,
Lovelessness, otherwise it is howsoever romantic it may sound.

And them being them, took turns to destroy,
The love, the journey, and everything they were meant to enjoy.

There was once a man and woman, who lost each other but found themselves,

The man’s loneliness, the woman’s lovelessness,
They burnt it all, blaming the fire on each other,
Yet they rise again, like phoenix from the ashes,
But this time with the wings of love,
And a flight of their passion.

They are two journeys, two disparate directions,
May be the directions are parallel,
And at some point the roads would merge,
Maybe they won’t and they will never know,
What it would mean to fly together…

It’s alright if you ask me,
As long as the truth of his wings shines bright for the world,
As long as the soul of her flight makes its home in the same world,
They will live their own definition of right.


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