I don’t know who you are… but…

…it’s coz’ of you that I believe in soulmates, that I know them to be true… and this is for you:)

What is it about waking up with you that is so attractive?
Is it the lure of a life unlived?
Or is it just another physical release?
Maybe it’s just another unmet need that got hooked in me somewhere deep?
Is it the desire to possess a body for one morning?
Or is it the fantasy of a mind that knows how powerful fulfilling a lust can make one feel?
Maybe it’s just another fleeting moment that will die its own death once fulfilled.

But then why don’t I feel the need to run to you or run away from you?
Why don’t I feel the need to attract or hold on?
Why am I at peace with you, with myself, with the world?
May be because I wake up with you already.

You are not a name or a body or even a mind.
You are the only uncomplicated truth I know to be true.
No hopes, no pain, no unmet needs, no mind-wrenching game,
You are the simplest of all silences I live.

You are the only way I would live,
Only if I would give my ego a little rest that is.
And just as I lost my ability to hold on or break away from you,
Maybe some day I will sleep away this ego and see the first light of this day in you.


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