Writing on the wall…

You seem to be lost,
You seem to have gone to another place.
You seem to always live in darkness,
You seem to have abandoned me like everyone else.
I was searching for you in me,
I was searching for me in you,
I may look lost but I am right here,
How can I abandon you when we live in each other?
Why do you turn your face away then?
Why do you not listen when I say things?
I turn away sometimes to read the writing on the wall,
And it only screams your love, over and over again…

Being Right vs Being Happy

All our lives, we are taught to do things that are defined as good for us, not things that make us happy. We carry the same attitude to our jobs, trying to do things that would be ‘right’ for our career, doing things to get close to the ‘right’ people, getting that rating, or a role title that would further our careers and all this while we forget to be happy, just who we are. And while we are at it, we analyze other people’s behaviour, manage our reactions to them to cause least damage to our ‘professional interests’. We don’t just make ourselves miserable without knowing it, we continue to analyze other people’s misery and determine our reactions to it.

We tie our self-esteem and happiness to a client appreciation email, to a number at the end of the year that is determined by more factors than we can count, and to a promotion that supposedly ‘expands’ our reign. Yes, the same ‘reign’ that didn’t make us happy to begin with.

So, what are we doing to our lives we are not happy? What is the damage to our lives if we become inauthentic to become ‘right’?

I don’t know who you are… but…

…it’s coz’ of you that I believe in soulmates, that I know them to be true… and this is for you:)

What is it about waking up with you that is so attractive?
Is it the lure of a life unlived?
Or is it just another physical release?
Maybe it’s just another unmet need that got hooked in me somewhere deep?
Is it the desire to possess a body for one morning?
Or is it the fantasy of a mind that knows how powerful fulfilling a lust can make one feel?
Maybe it’s just another fleeting moment that will die its own death once fulfilled.

But then why don’t I feel the need to run to you or run away from you?
Why don’t I feel the need to attract or hold on?
Why am I at peace with you, with myself, with the world?
May be because I wake up with you already.

You are not a name or a body or even a mind.
You are the only uncomplicated truth I know to be true.
No hopes, no pain, no unmet needs, no mind-wrenching game,
You are the simplest of all silences I live.

You are the only way I would live,
Only if I would give my ego a little rest that is.
And just as I lost my ability to hold on or break away from you,
Maybe some day I will sleep away this ego and see the first light of this day in you.