The Soul of a Teacher

Let me love you today…

Hold your hand while you search, research, disappoint, triumph

And find what you always knew but were not ready till now to experience.

Let me love you today…

Watching you silently as you grow through different phases,

Knowing that my telling you the end result of each phase will only stop your growth.

Let me love you today…

Showing you different paths and sharing what I experienced on different paths,

But never making your choices for you.

Let me love you today…

Share life’s questions and find answers together,

Playing along but never to prove myself to you, just playing so that you too learn the rules.

Let me love you today…

Make mistakes and successes together and finding their meaning together,

Never reprimanding, never rewarding, just letting the learning be a reward in itself and ignorance be the biggest punishment.

Let me love you today…

Teach you how to learn for the rest of your life not just pre-fixed lessons that I came with.

Learn from you how to be a witness, a catalyst to your growth, how not to interfere or control, how just to let you be whatever you wish to be.