Why partition still matters to our life as we know it

Image Courtesy: Literary Hub

We live in an insulated world of illusory control. A world parented by internet, satellite TV, and advertising, teaching us everything from just doing it or not, living it all or not, but eventually buying it all to make ourselves seem in control in a world that slipped out of our grasps long ago. Continue reading






I had always wondered why she loved pink so much. Maybe she did not want to let go of that part of her that believed in fairy tales. The part that believed that love was eternal and there was something pure called God. Pink was what she wore at our wedding. Pink was what she wore at every anniversary. Continue reading

Writing on the wall…

You seem to be lost,
You seem to have gone to another place.
You seem to always live in darkness,
You seem to have abandoned me like everyone else.
I was searching for you in me,
I was searching for me in you,
I may look lost but I am right here,
How can I abandon you when we live in each other?
Why do you turn your face away then?
Why do you not listen when I say things?
I turn away sometimes to read the writing on the wall,
And it only screams your love, over and over again…