Loving and writing…

My heart breaks every time I sit down to write but nothing happens. And somewhere, I lost the capacity for heartbreaks. And with it, I lost the capacity to love enough to write. Loving, writing, two sides of the same coin. You risk it all one way or the other and right or wrong, that’s […]

Writing on the wall…

You seem to be lost, You seem to have gone to another place. You seem to always live in darkness, You seem to have abandoned me like everyone else. I was searching for you in me, I was searching for me in you, I may look lost but I am right here, How can I […]


Things to be done, deadlines to be met, A life running past me, and being caught in the web. Yet you call out, the voice that held me tight, The only thing I can call as light.

V V Puram – Food, Friends, and a Hairy Ass Story

“I know you are unwell but do you want to come to V V Puram next Friday after you return from Sydney?” “What is that place?” “Some street with street food” When you are stuck in a hotel room for 4 days, with a contagious infection and dreams of going out every night on your […]

Being Right vs Being Happy

All our lives, we are taught to do things that are defined as good for us, not things that make us happy. We carry the same attitude to our jobs, trying to do things that would be ‘right’ for our career, doing things to get close to the ‘right’ people, getting that rating, or a […]